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Contingent Fee Trademark Litigation

Do Not Let Competitors Steal Your Brand!

If competitors have are using your mark or attempting to keep you from using it, you may need to protect your business in court. Trademark infringement litigation may be the best way to protect your brand. Our selective pricing options may help you to endure the costs of litigation and ensure the success of your brand.

Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law understands that businesses often face a harsh dilemma, needing to decide between protecting their brands and preserving profit margins. In some situations, this may seem to be an impossible choice. We review potential infringement suits on a case-by-case basis to determine if modified fee arrangements may be appropriate. We consider all factors which may predict the likelihood of success and the awarding of attorney’s fees or money damages, including factors weighing toward a finding of intentional infringement, the possibility of a preliminary injunction, and the potential venue(s) for the lawsuit.

Garcia-Zamor may offer modified fee schedules which may include:

  • A pure contingent rate, to be paid following the awarding of money damages at the end of a successful trial;
  • A blended or hybrid rate, in which a lower hourly rate is charged with a contingent fee to be paid following the awarding of money damages at the end of a successful trial;
  • A pure hourly rate to be paid at the end of the representation, to allow litigation to be undertaken prior to the payment of fees; or
  • Other non-traditional fee arrangements which may be deemed appropriate.

Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law has represented trademark clients for over ten years. Contact us today to arrange an evaluation of your infringement situation and determine if contingent fee litigation may be appropriate.

Large companies may often use their size to bully competitors and keep them from exercising their trademark rights. Discount rates may be available for those whose trademarks have been infringed intentionally and unfairly. Contact Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law today for an evaluation of your case.

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