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Discount Rates or Flat Monthly Payment Plans for Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Trademark opposition proceedings have you concerned for your brand? Discount rates or flat monthly payment plans may be available to help protect your brand.

Do you need to defend your brand?

If competitors are seeking to register a mark which is similar or identical to yours, you may be able to stop them without the high costs litigation. Opposing an application with the USPTO before it registers can allow you do stop the registration. If you have a federal registration, you may benefit by opposing an application. Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law may offer a flat monthly rate or discounted rate for oppositions. Contact us now to see if you qualify for a discounted rate.

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Need help protecting your brand from dilution?

When competitors are allowed to use marks similar to yours, your brand may be weakened, or diluted. Determining if a similar mark has been applied for can be a laborious process, but it is the best way to prevent dilution. Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law offers monitoring services to help you oppose marks which may dilute your brand. Contact us no to learn more.

Is a competitor trying to unfairly block your trademark registration?

To prevent dilution, some trademark owners may oppose all marks with any similar elements. Such efforts can unfairly block new registrations under the threat of cancelling these applications. Do not let a competitor gain an unfair advantage through the opposition process. Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law can offered discounted rates to help those who have been unfairly opposed. If you believe your trademark application has been unfairly opposed, contact us for an evaluation of your case.

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