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Beverage Laws

We specialize in the marketing and branding of beverages including assisting beverage manufacturers in complying with a wide array of rules and regulations related to labeling, formulas, advertising, trade practices, permits, and other beverage related issues. By providing knowledgeable, accessible, efficient, and responsive representation, we aim to be your preferred firm and legal consultant as your business develops and prospers. Our collaborative approach makes the complex legal, commercial, intellectual property, and regulatory requirements understandable to our clients. We deliver a full range of legal services to food and beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) manufacturers. We are conveniently located near Washington, DC to make visiting the US Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau (“TTB”) convenient.

Multiple options are available for non US manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, as follows: (1) establish a business presence in the US and import their own alcoholic beverages; or (2) enter into a business agreement with a licensed importer already operating in the United States. Regardless, imported alcoholic beverages must comply with current laws and regulations.

Alcoholic beverages imported into or sold within the United States require a Certificate of Label Approval (“COLA”) which must be obtained from the TTB. A company trying to obtain a COLA from the TTB must submit, together with a completed COLA application, a suggested bottle label that complies with all applicable regulations.

We partner with our clients to facilitate their business in the United States and are ready to assist you with any of your business needs. If you have any beverage law, branding, or trademark questions, please see our website at www.Garcia-Zamor.com.

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