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Whether you are an individual, startup venture, established company, or large corporation, we will provide your branding and trademark concerns with the same high level of expertise and care that we provide to all of our clients. Trademarks are critical to the flow of commerce and business in the United States of America and throughout the world. Corporations, businesses, and individuals struggle to make consumers aware of the quality and availability of their goods and services and to develop good will among consumers and the public. A critical aspect of developing and protecting brands is determining for which brands to seek Federal trademark protection while being mindful of budget parameters.

We work closely with our clients to formulate a trademark strategy and, when desired, to determine the advisability of use of a particular mark as part of a marketing or branding campaign. We have worked with national and international clients to secure branding in a wide range of industries, such as, clothing, alcoholic beverages, footwear, bottled water, jewelry, radio and television stations, food staples, snacks and candy, software, Internet based businesses, cold remedies, medical supplies, and others. Our significant experience in the trademark field allows us to bring cost effective trademark services to our clients while helping them obtain registrations as efficiently as possible.

When you are interested in filing a trademark application or discussing other branding or intellectual property questions, please see our website at www.Garcia-Zamor.com.

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