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Tequila Branding

Successfully bringing a new brand of tequila to market in the United States of America requires significant investment in time and money by tequila manufacturers. Prior to executing carefully planned marketing campaigns to interest importers and purchasers in the USA, it is necessary to coordinate with the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, A.C. (“CRT”). The CRT is a Mexican governmental organization charged with regulating all Tequila sold worldwide with respect to quality and branding. To obtain permission from the CRT to sell a new brand of tequila it is important to file trademark applications in Mexico and in the United States of America.

We have worked with many tequila manufacturers to help them obtain trademark protection for their tequilas in the USA. To help ensure smooth flow of tequila products from factories it is important to file trademark applications for: (1) brands that are to be used as soon as possible; and (2) for brands that will be used at a later date. This type of advance planning allows for additional tequila trademark rights to be secured so that clients can use those rights if a current brand is successfully challenged by a third party.

Our experience in the tequila field allows us to bring cost effective services to our tequila trademark clients while helping them obtain registrations as efficiently as possible. If you have any patent, trademark, tequila, copyright, trade secret, domain name, or other intellectual property questions, please see our website at www.Garcia-Zamor.com.

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