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Design Patent Litigation and Possible Flat Monthly Payment Plans

  • Is your patented design being ripped off?
  • Is someone stealing your sales and goodwill in the marketplace?
  • Design patent infringement does not require intentional copying for liability! Similarly, design patent infringement does not require exact identity between the patented item and the infringing product!
  • Have you received a cease and desist letter accusing you of infringement?
  • Will you go out of business if this patent dispute is not properly handled?
  • Are you afraid of the immense costs of patent litigation?

Contact Garcia-Zamor now. We provide affordable, expert patent litigation services!

In many cases we can offer affordable flat fees for many of the legal steps that must take place prior to beginning litigation or settlement discussions.

The attorneys at Garcia-Zamor are very experienced at enforcing patents against infringers and working to defend businesses from false accusations. It is this experience that provides our clients with the competitive edge in patent and design patent infringement cases.

We are aggressive and approachable. We will relentlessly pursue the best outcomes for our clients while keeping you educated and informed as your case progresses.

Garcia-Zamor prides itself on innovation, which is why Garcia-Zamor is on the forefront of trying to make access to design patent litigation services accessible.

Stop worrying and contact Garcia-Zamor today.

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