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Why Garcia-Zamor

  • Experience – Garcia-Zamor has over two decades of experience helping a wide range of clients, from individuals to multimillion dollar corporations, develop complete intellectual property portfolios.
  • Reputation – Garcia-Zamor is trusted by companies of all sizes, including some of the largest corporations in the US and law firms in numerous other countries. This reputation is the result of consistently delivering high quality work.
  • Affordability – Garcia-Zamor delivers the highest quality work product at affordable prices to help our clients maximize their intellectual property budgets.
  • Teamwork – Our collaborative approach guarantees that multiple attorneys will review every matter, ensuring that all strategies are considered and every matter is given our full attention.

A complete intellectual property portfolio is like a set of golf clubs. Patents are like your irons, trademarks your woods, and other legal documents like your specialty clubs. You may be able to play a round with one or two clubs, but that would be a tremendous competitive disadvantage, especially when you’re up against players with a full set of clubs.

Our goal is to offer advice and services to help you build a complete intellectual property portfolio. You may be starting with a single invention, idea, or brand, but these starting points can be gateways to numerous intellectual property protections. No business or invention can reach its full potential without making the best use of patents, trademarks, proper business entity formation, licensing agreements, employee agreements, NDAs, and more.

  • The Best Choice – Garcia-Zamor is the best choice for helping you develop your complete intellectual property portfolio.

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