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Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC provides high quality, cost effective intellectual property legal services that give our clients significant advantages in the marketplace. Obtain an edge with an expert intellectual property attorney.  Contact the Garcia-Zamor team today. We are intellectual property attorneys with over two decades of experience in patent and trademark protection in a wide range of industries.

As a full service IP Law firm, the Garcia-Zamor legal team provides copyright, patent and trademark registration and protection, along with search and litigation services.  If you’re ready to protect your brand and intellectual property, Garcia-Zamor stands ready to offer you the maximum protection under the law. Garcia-Zamor’s offices are located in the Baltimore-Washington corridor in Howard County near Columbia, Maryland.

Experts in Intellectual Property (IP) Law

Garcia-Zamor offers a full suite of intellectual property (IP) legal services including complete litigation services together with patent, trademark, and patent design legal services.  We also serve the beverage industry, providing counsel and legal assistance to  importers, breweries, tequila manufacturers, wineries, distilleries, wholesalers, retailers.

Build Your Complete IP Portfolio

Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC has years of experience helping individuals and multimillion dollar corporations develop intellectual property portfolios.

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Why Your Food Truck Brand Matters and How To Protect It

Are you a foodie with a gift for cooking and a sense of adventure? Then you may already be dreaming about getting your own food truck. An ever rising trend, especially in cities, food trucks allow you to share your delicious eats not just in one stationary restaurant but wherever you have the gas to drive.

Make a Name For Your Music! Make Sure to Trademark Your Band Name

The Replacements went through two other band names before choosing the name that made them famous, claiming they were the band that everyone would be stuck with if “the main act doesn’t show.” Vampire Weekend gained its name from frontman Ezra Koenig’s love of The Lost Boys. Lead singer Matthew Shultz found the name for Cage the Elephant after a strange interaction from a man outside a club.

Trademarks For Trendsetters! Protect Your Content as a Social Influencer

A career as a social media influencer is an exciting one, and one that you wouldn’t have been able to find twenty years ago. Social media influencers are savvy, self-motivated content creators on one or more social media platforms who have, through their content, become an expert on a particular topic of interest. Whether it’s booktubers, beauty bloggers, or big name fans of a particular piece of media, influencers become an authority on the thing they’re passionate about.

Spreading Your Esports Team Name! How To Navigate Sponsorships and Right of Publicity

In the world of professional Esports, sponsorship deals are a team’s bread and butter. Tournaments will offer lofty cash prizes for winners, as well as second place and third place, but there are also hefty travel costs and equipment costs involved to take place in those tournaments. Through sponsorship, your team can receive a steady cash flow and enjoy the resources that come with being attached to a particular brand.

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