Save Money And Protect Your Trademarks with TRADEGUARD

May 28, 2019

Unfortunately, receiving a trademark for your product’s branding means little if you aren’t prepared to enforce your rights. You might feel yourself cringing just thinking about the process of legally enforcing your rights and paying for legal services to assist you can be a difficult expense to cover, especially if you are a small business! Luckily, the attorneys of Garcia-Zamor are here to help you protect your rights and save you money. TRADEGUARD ® is a service designed to give you peace of mind, protecting your brands and your wallet.

Save Money In The Long Run

While it may be tempting to go without TRADEGUARD ® and only pay for legal services if you need them, you may find yourself paying much, much more in the long run. In addition to helping you monitor the marketplace, TRADEGUARD ® has great benefits that will help you save money during the enforcement process. Every subscription to the service comes automatically with a free thirty minute phone call with your attorney so that you can discuss options and receive advice on how to proceed from someone who understands your situation and has the experience to help you. This is already a big savings, even before you take other steps forward considering other law offices will charge you expensive consultation fees just to discuss your concerns!

More Savings With Simple Solutions

With TRADEGUARD ® PLUS, it is often relatively simple financially to enforce your trademarks and secure your branding from imitation by competitors. With TRADEGUARD ® PLUS, you’ll receive one free cease and desist letter which will often solve the problem and get violators to stop infringing upon your rights without further legal action. You will also receive one free filing of a trademark opposition or cancellation petition, an initial legal brief which initiates a legal proceeding before the US Patent and Trademark Office. Infringers often seek to settle a dispute after these sort of proceedings are initiated. You will still be required to pay government fees if this step is necessary but this will still save you considerable money as without the TRADEGUARD ® PLUS service, you need to pay the full legal fee cost for an attorney to review the situation and prepare an initial brief. Knowing that every six months you’ll have this free legal service can give you great peace of mind while you save money.

More Protection And More Savings

If you anticipate more legal infringements of your trademark due to the competitive nature of your industry, TRADEGUARD ® PREMIUM is the service you need. This yearly subscription will come with three free cease and desist letters and/or trademark opposition or cancellation petitions. This can be a massive saving for you and can give you a fantastic sense of security. While hopefully this will be enough to stop any infringement violations, you can rest assured that the attorneys of Garcia-Zamor will protect you if further legal enforcement is necessary. TRADEGUARD ® PREMIUM will also give you 25% off further legal fees so that your legal battle isn’t nearly as expensive. This can lead to a massive savings if litigation becomes a lengthy process.

Everyone loves to save money where we can and TRADEGUARD ® is a great way to do that while also protecting your rights. If you think this is the perfect legal service for you or if you have any more questions in regard to intellectual property law, contact Garcia-Zamor today so that you can be confident that your legal needs are being met while avoiding breaking the bank.