Need Litigation Help? Go Local! Why You Should Hire a Local Litigation Attorney In Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC

Nov 15, 2021

It happens. You find someone else using your business’s logo or advertising a product that sounds very similar to your invention. You know that you might need to take legal action to protect your IP. The question is, where do you turn? You can find IP lawyers all over the country, but there are certain benefits to going with local counsel. In some cases, businesses might even have local litigation attorneys as well as attorneys located somewhere else. Here are a few reasons to seek out local litigation attorneys:

Garcia-Zamor is the Best Local Counsel Choice for Out of State Law Firms

Garcia-Zamor has experienced business litigation attorneys and intellectual property litigation attorneys ready to serve your local counsel litigation needs. The litigation attorneys of Garcia-Zamor strive to help you maximize efficiency and deliver the best results to your litigation client. We believe in teamwork and strive to not only meet your local counsel expectations and needs but exceed them.

Easy Access

When you hire a local attorney, you can easily meet them in their office, drop off documents, or make an appointment based on your schedule and flexibility. Many law firms have satellite offices in other locations, but these satellite offices might be limited in their capacity. If your attorney’s main office is in the Baltimore or DC area, you know that they will most likely be fully equipped to help you with whatever issue or question might arise in your case.

Knowledge of the Local Courts

Local litigation attorneys will most likely know the judge representing your case, and might know the opposing counsel. They will have intimate knowledge of the local laws and rules that might be pertinent to your case. They may know about local unreported rulings or anecdotes that could relate to your case. This will help them more smoothly navigate your case and how to present it to the court. Think of a local litigation attorney as representing you in their “home court.” Local counsel will have insight into your local courts that long distance counsel simply won’t without extensive research.

Local Reputation

Local litigation attorneys will have a local reputation. This goes beyond finding reviews online. They have served members in your community, have worked with people in the local courts, and you might be able to hear firsthand from members in your community the sort of service they provide. And local litigation attorneys know this. They know that their community is often the lifeblood of their business, which is why a good local litigation attorney will go above and beyond to serve their community.

When you need local litigation services, Garcia-Zamor offers competitive pricing and over two decades of experience helping business clients as well as individuals protect their intellectual property. Interested in what we can do for you? Contact Garcia-Zamor today to learn more or to set up an appointment.