November Is the Month for Creativity! Get Inspired By These 3 Historic Patents Created In November!

Nov 15, 2021

For whatever reason, November is a month full of challenges — challenges to write a novel in a month, challenges to run 100 kilometers, art challenges, personal challenges…to say nothing of the holidays and preparing for the new year. So it’s no surprise that November has sparked creativity and motivation in people throughout history. Here are a few historic patents that have been created in November.

Printing Typefaces

George Bruce was an established printer and inventor in the 19th century. He was also the first to receive a design patent in the United States, for printing typefaces on November 9, 1842. His patent laid out plans for typefaces as well as page borders that were then used on printing presses for newspapers and the like. Today, however, those original typefaces have paved the way for the over half a million fonts in existence.

The Motor Carriage

Ford is still a famous name when it comes to automobiles today. But that name dates back to the early 20th century, with Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford is most famous for the Model T, produced in 1908, which allowed middle class Americans to be able to purchase and drive their own cars. But before the Ford Model T came Henry Ford’s patent for the motor carriage, received on November 5, 1901.It was this patent that led to advances in automobiles and eventually to automobiles that could be mass produced for the general public, rather than just the wealthy elite.

The Electric Razor

Electric razors are a boon for those who want to cut down on their disposable household goods or skip on the shaving cream. They’re effective, reusable, and perfect for dry shaving. They can even protect you from those pesky shaving nicks. If you love using an electric razor, you can thank Colonel Jacob Schick who patented the idea. It was actually initially invented by a German engineer named Johann Bruecker, but on November 28, 1928, Schick patented the first electric razor. Electric razors finally hit the shelves to be sold in 1931.

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