Feel Secure in Your Local Counsel Choices!! Hire the attorneys of Garcia-Zamor for all of Your Business and Intellectual Property Local Counsel Litigation Needs.

Dec 2, 2021

It can be a stressful time when your client is facing litigation, especially far away. That’s why it helps to work with top notch local litigation attorneys. The right attorney can help you defend your client’s intellectual property and protect their livelihood.

Our Business Litigation Team Goes Above and Beyond to Help You Reach Your Best-Case Outcome

We provide additional peace of mind by actively helping with case management by docketing all trial dates so that you have a trusted backup in place to make sure that critical dates are not missed.
The business litigation attorneys of Garcia-Zamor are available for any requested conference calls, conferences with the judge, depositions, or other desired matters. For us, it is all about helping you and your client reach your best-case outcome.

If you do are interviewing multiple law firms, the best approach can be to ask questions to see if the firm is a good fit for your team. When first meeting with your potential local litigation attorney, here are a few questions you might ask:

“How Much Experience Do You Have? Have You Ever Represented a Case Like This?”

Potential attorneys will not be able to divulge confidential information about another client’s case; but that doesn’t mean they can’t speak to their experience. When you’re first meeting with an attorney, you want to know that they can handle the case in all of its particulars. Ask them whether they’ve ever handled a case similar to this one before. Did the case go well? Was there a particular argument they were able to use that might apply to your case? This question will help you get a sense of their capabilities and feel more confidence in their service.

“How Long Have You Worked In the Area?”

An attorney could have 20 years of experience, but where did they gain most of that experience? If they just moved to the area, they probably won’t have the familiarity of local courts, judges, and local law that you would be able to find with someone who has even 10 years of local experience. Experience isn’t everything, but if you’re looking for a local litigation attorney, this could be an important question to ask.

“Have You Served As Local Litigation Counsel Before?”

Local litigation counsel is used to make local filings when a case or part of a case is set in a different location than the primary attorney. This is a specific partnership in the field of law, one that requires attorneys to be able to work well together for the sake of their clients across long distances. It might be helpful to find local litigation counsel that has been through this before, and they know what to expect and how to handle the case.

At Garcia-Zamor, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about our local litigation counsel services. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule an appointment.