Make Room For Your Creation! Learn How to Protect Your Invention Before It’s Finished

Apr 8, 2022

You’re a creative thinker, and you can’t wait to show your invention with the world. For inventors and other creators, it’s easy to fall in love with your idea the more you develop it. But you can’t rush the creative process. Producing your best work takes time.

Many inventors want to share their ideas as they work on them, to help generate interest. While you may feel this urge, you may also be worried about idea theft. What if someone else decides to use your invention before you get a chance to file your application? This could result in the loss of all of your foreign patent rights. It could even eliminate your US patent rights if you do not file within a grace period. That’s why it’s important to know the ways you can protect your invention even before it’s finished. There is a best practice for protecting inventions. Contact the attorneys of Garcia-Zamor today to get started.

Keep Your Idea Secret — Or At Least, Discreet With an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)

Secret means secret. People should not be told about your invention unless it is absolutely necessary. If it is necessary to tell a designer, engineer, manufacturer, colleague, potential investor, or the like about your invention then it is critical to first obtain a signed non-disclosure agreement.

Talking about your invention with friends, posting on social media, using the invention in your backyard, beta testing it in public, posting about it on social media, is a great way to lose all your patent rights. Additionally, anyone who does not sign a non-disclosure agreement or similar contract can make and sell your invention without providing any compensation to you unless you obtain a patent.

Apply For a Provisional Patent

A provisional patent establishes your effective date of invention. A provisional patent lasts for one year, after which point, it expires along with any associated rights. During that year you will need t file a non-provisional patent application if you wish to secure rights to your invention.

The best way to protect your invention at any stage of the process is with the help of an experienced IP attorney. Your attorney can help you find the best steps for your personal case, and defend your IP against any potential theft. With over two decades of experience, Garcia-Zamor is here to help. Contact us today to learn more or to set up a consultation.