Not Just A Love For The Game: Why It’s Important To Expand Trademark Classes For Your Esports Registration

Apr 8, 2022

Most people get into esports because they love the game and the gaming community. Maybe they get into esports because they have a competitive streak. It’s a fun, exciting way to gain a reputation in the gaming world and even make some money. As your team begins to compete professionally, however, it can’t just be about a love for the game. In order to protect your team from IP theft or trademark infringement, you have to start thinking about your team as a business.

Many esports teams put a lot of thought into their team name, as well as their unique logo. If another team comes along with a name or logo too similar to your own, it can become confusing for fans and event organizers. That’s why it’s a good idea to thoroughly trademark your esports team before you register, including a wide description of goods and services if you are using the brands sufficiently to support use in commerce..

Goods and Services for Your Application

Trademark classes are categories under which your trademark might fall. The classes are each for different types of goods and services. For instance, the class for “Clothes” is different than the class for “Entertainment Services.”

You can add as many trademark classes as apply when filing your trademark application, but there are government fees for each class that is included. You will also want to discuss with a Garcia-Zamor attorney how to best show your use in commerce for each class of goods and services included in your application.

Why Expand The Goods and Services Listed in Your Trademark Application For Your Esports Team?

When trademarking an esports team, the most common trademark classes include “Education and Entertainment Services” and “Business and Advertising Services.” However, as your team continues to compete and you begin to grow a fanbase, you may find a demand to offer merchandise. You may begin to produce your own gaming equipment or goods. These all fall under different classes of goods and services.

But if you only used “Education and Entertainment Services” for your Esports team, you may find that someone else has already trademarked the same name under the “Computers and Scientific Devices” class. This will limit what your team can do, and can come as a disappointment to both your team and your fans. Before filing a trademark application, consider all the ways you hope to scale your esports team. The trademark goods and services that you include in your application be a reflection of that.

Potential Trademark Classes For Esports Teams

So what trademark classes might apply to your esports team? It depends on what you hope to do from the business side of your esports career. Do you want to sell merchandise? Ship products internationally? Use your earnings and influence to endorse other organizations about which you feel passionate? Here are some classes that might apply to your esports team:

  • Education and Entertainment Services
  • Business and Advertising Services
  • Computers and Scientific Devices
  • Clothing
  • Games and Sporting Goods
  • Science and Technology Services
  • Paper Goods

Ultimately, you will definitely benefit from scheduling a consultation with a member of the Garcia-Zamor team before you file your trademark application to get a sense of all the classes that might apply to your esports team, now and in the future. That’s where Garcia Zamor can help, with our 20+ years of experience in trademark and IP law. We have the knowledge and resources your team needs, and we’re here to cheer you on through your IP journey.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation.