Make a Name For Your Music! Make Sure to Trademark Your Band Name

May 4, 2022

The Replacements went through two other band names before choosing the name that made them famous, claiming they were the band that everyone would be stuck with if “the main act doesn’t show.” Vampire Weekend gained its name from frontman Ezra Koenig’s love of The Lost Boys. Lead singer Matthew Shultz found the name for Cage the Elephant after a strange interaction from a man outside a club.

Whether you know your band name right away or it takes you several tries to get it right, your name becomes a part of the overall story of your band. More than that, it becomes how your fans know you. It’s the most essential part of your brand, your identity. And there’s nothing worse than finding the perfect band name only to have it taken by another band.

Fortunately, you can take steps to protect your band by having the Garcia-Zamor attorneys trademark your band’s name.

Benefits of Trademarking Your Band Name

You have a great band name, and you can’t wait to see it on your merch, your album covers, on marquees of venues where you play for your fans. A trademark registration for your band name can reduce copying by other bands and thus, help your band stand out, so your fans can follow your work and point others towards you. It also helps you enforce your rights in your band name should another band try to use it.

A registered trademark will give you advantages when enforcing your rights in your band name and seeking to stop its use by others. It’s also a great asset as your band grows in stature within the industry.

Before You Decide to Have Your Name Trademarked — Hire Garcia-Zamor to Research Whether You May be Infringing Someone Else’s Rights

Before you decide to have your band name trademarked, it is beneficial to make sure no one else has already trademarked a similar name. Fortunately, when it comes to trademark research, you can trust the attorneys of Garcia-Zamor to take care of it for you. If it’s already in use — or if another band name exists that’s too similar to your own, we’ll let you know so you can start brainstorming a new name.

It’s important to consider who should own the trademark. Here again, the attorneys of Garcia-Zamor can help to walk you through the process. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.