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Got the Invention Bug? Historic Patents Created In June!

Jun 3, 2022

For inventors, the long and beautiful days of June often mean more time to gather inspiration and hone their inventions. Summer break, refreshing vacation, and sunny views can all create the perfect mixture for a great idea. So it’s no wonder that so many patents have been born in the month of June. Here are a few you might know:

Edison’s First Patent

Today, we learn the results of local, state, and even national elections within hours. However, this wasn’t always the case. Votes could take days or longer to be finalized. Live broadcasting has played a role in spreading the news, but electronic voting has streamlined the process of counting the votes. Though Congress did not cast the first electronic vote until 1973, the idea for an “electrographic vote recorder” was first patented by none other than Thomas Edison himself on June 1, 1869.

The First Rug-Cleaning Patent

Rugs and carpets are notoriously hard to clean. Dirt and dander can burrow into the fibers of their surface, and not everything shakes them loose. Before 1869, there was nothing for it but to shake or beat a rug clean. That didn’t leave much hope for carpets. On June 8, 1869, however, Ives McGaffey received a patent for an “improved sweeping machine,” which allowed a sweeping device to create “a strong current of air” with which to suck up the dirt and dust. This was the first patent ever granted with a solution for rug cleaning, and it paved the way for the vacuum we know and love today.

The Youngest Patent Holder

Maryland native Robert Patch was six years old when he decided to create his own toy truck. The body of the truck was made with a shoebox. Bottlecaps served as the wheels. It was held together with nails. The design, for an inventor so young that he couldn’t sign his own name, was rather intricate — with a separate cab and truck body and a storage container which could be lifted from the truck.

Patch’s father, a patent attorney, was charmed with his son’s inventive skills and drew up a blueprint for a patent application. The USPTO must have agreed that the design was unique, as Patch became the youngest inventor to receive a patent on June 4, 1963.

10 Millionth Patent

This is more notable for being a milestone — the 10 millionth ever patent was issued on June 19, 2018. However, the invention itself is still notable. Joseph Marron, of Raytheon Company, invented the coherent ladar using intra-pixel quadrature detection. This laser detection and ranging device helps to inform self-driving cars and military defense systems. It can be used in everything from medical imaging services to the exploration of the deep sea. This is a recent invention, so we’re still just beginning to see the benefits and doors it can open for us.

As we transition from May to June, will your invention join the historic patents that have been issued for the month? When it comes to protecting your creations, Garcia-Zamor has you covered, bringing with us two decades of experience. We can file your patent application and help you challenge any patents that might infringe upon your IP. Contact us today to learn more or to set up a free consultation.