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When Should You Hire Local Counsel? Everything You Need To Know To Tackle Your Case In Another Jurisdiction!

Jul 12, 2022

On the outset, “local counsel” may simply sound like a law firm or attorney within your local area. In the legal field, however, local counsel takes on somewhat the opposite definition. It refers to legal counsel in the local area of the case’s jurisdiction. Garcia-Zamor attorneys can serve as your local counsel to work with your primary attorneys — or lead counsel — to assist your Maryland litigation needs as needed.

But why would you need two different legal teams in two different jurisdictions? Here are a few reasons to hire local counsel.

When Do You Need Local Counsel?

Simply put, you’ll need local counsel on your side when your IP or business case takes place in a different or multiple jurisdictions. But what does that look like realistically?

Let’s say you run a company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and you find that a company in Ellicott City, Maryland is using your trademarked logo in their promotional products. Your legal team sends out a cease and desist letter, but the company refuses to take down the logo, so you decide to file suit. Your attorneys may decide that the case should be tried in Maryland District Court, so that the court can exercise control over the defendant. But Minnesota attorneys likely aren’t licensed to practice in Maryland District Court.

In these cases, your legal team can work with the Garcia-Zamor attorneys, who represent clients in intellectual property and business litigations in Maryland District Court. Your original attorneys remain your lead counsel, but you also have the assistance of licensed Garcia-Zamor attorneys with expert knowledge of the Maryland District Courts. You’ve solved your jurisdiction problem and your case is even further supported!

What Happens When You Work With Local Counsel?

In many cases, once the local counsel is hired or selected, they will enter into a separate agreement with your lead counsel acting on your behalf, outlining the extent of their representation. The scope of representation will likely be limited compared to your lead counsel.

Local counsel will define terms or their assistance with the lead counsel so as not to overstep their desired role. However, their ethical responsibilities to your case remain the same and both your lead counsel and the Garcia-Zamor attorneys will be focused on your success.

Need to Hire in Maryland?

When you need to hire local counsel to protect your IP in Maryland courts, Garcia-Zamor has you covered with over two decades of combined experience. We know the courts, the judges and the legal precedents to help you with your case. Contact us today to learn more about our local counsel services and how we can help your lead counsel.