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Innovations In the Digital World! Exciting Digital Patents of 2022

Jul 25, 2022

Hundreds of thousands of patents are granted by the USPTO each year, and the number has only gone up since 2020. Some of these patents you may never hear about, while others will soon become the next household musts. If you’re currently working on a game-changing digital patent, it can be motivational to see the exciting patents that have recently been granted. Here are a few of the most interesting digital patents granted so far this year.

Apple’s Virtual Paper

This digital invention was created more for developers than consumers, but the rest of us will soon begin to enjoy the results of Apple’s virtual paper. Using a device and the right graphic design software, developers can turn, twist, and fold the digital paper while allowing the image to remain intact. On one side, the image has 3D properties, so that when the paper is turned, it may protrude or cast a shadow. The result is likely to make virtual or augmented reality programs more immersive and exciting for consumers and to open up new opportunities for developers.

Apple's Virtual Paper patent for digital patents

Microsoft’s Focus Time Based on School Assignment Completion

The amount of screen time students spend on their electronic devices is still on the rise. Often, these devices are needed for schoolwork. Other times, they can be a distraction. But Microsoft has recently patented a focus time management software that’s designed to combat that. This software takes in information about the student’s school assignments and blocks out a period of limited screen time based on outstanding assignments or upcoming due dates. This incentivizes students to finish their homework in a timely manner so they can get back to their games or apps.

Amazon’s Autonomous Home Security Devices

Amazon has been granted a patent for an “autonomous home security device,” with the standout feature being the aerial nature of the security system. Essentially, it’s a drone that you can keep docked around your home but that will fly around the space taking pictures when there is a potential home security issue. For instance, if your fire alarm goes off or there’s a break-in, the drone can circle the area, taking pictures. It’s then connected to your mobile device so you can receive the report instantly. This home security system feels like truly a thing of science fiction, and it even allows you to request external resources if need be.

These patents may belong to some of the titans of the industry, but don’t forget that they started as a simple idea. If you have a great idea for an invention, digital or otherwise, and want to patent it, we can help. Garcia-Zamor has two decades of combined experience in the world of intellectual property law. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to set up a free consultation.