Here Comes the Patent! Great Patents In the World of Baby Products

Sep 14, 2022

Babies are adorable, but boy, do they need a lot of help — and so do the moms and dads who take care of them. That’s why there are so many products on the market designed to help with childcare, whether it’s feeding, clothing, or cleaning up after babies…or simply preventing them from getting their hands on something they shouldn’t. In the process of raising their own children, parents often get great ideas for a product that would make their job so much easier. Some of those ideas go on to be patented and become actual products you can buy today.

Here are just a few great patents that have come into existence from the world of baby products.

Fastener for Pacifier

Carla J. Schneider is a mom herself. That’s why she was well-acquainted with the issue of pacifiers going missing. As the founder and president of Trebco Specialty Products, she invented the Wubbanub fastener for pacifiers. The first was simply a makeshift home effort — sewing her son’s favorite toy onto his pacifier so that he wouldn’t easily lose it. After that, her family encouraged her to patent the idea and open a business. Today, Wubbanub offers detachable pacifier fasteners in a variety of adorable shapes including: elephants, cows, giraffes, dinosaurs, and more.

Smart Infant Sleep Aid

It’s been a struggle for parents for millennia: waking in the middle of the night to their baby’s shrieks and having to decide who gets up to rock the baby back to sleep. But today, there are smart cradles, like Snoo, which are designed to detect your baby’s cries and begin rocking them back to sleep without parent intervention. It helps both parents and babies sleep through the night. The infant calming device and sleep aid patented in 2011 is a big part of Snoo’s product. This is the moving platform that adds soothing sounds to lull the baby back to sleep. It can even help to prevent SIDS!

Faucet Handle Extender

Soon enough, babies start potty training, and with potty training comes learning to wash their own hands. But it can be hard for toddlers to reach the sink the way that the older kids or adults in their household can. That was the premise that started Aqueduck’s faucet handle extender. This adorable plastic handle in the shape of a duck is attached to your faucet so that your children can reach it and wash their hands themselves. It even extends the output for the water itself in what looks to children like a fun, slippery slide.

Often, it’s the people and things closest to us that inspire our best ideas. Do you have a great baby product invention that you want to share with the world? Garcia-Zamor can help you patent it and protect your intellectual property going forward. Contact us today to learn more!