Swimming With Inspiration! 3 Great Patented Pet Fish Products

Oct 26, 2022

Cats and dogs aren’t the only kind of pets that we can have and love. In fact, for busy or low maintenance households, fish can be the perfect companion. But even though they’re low maintenance, you have to create an environment where your pet fish can live, which is how so many great pet fish inventions have been introduced to the world. From fish food to pet fish tanks, here are a few patented pet fish products that are a part of your daily pet care.

Fish Food

In 1995, Gene W. Bunch of Clearwater Fish & Pond Supply developed a new type of food and food supplements for cultivated fish, offering them artificial food sources along with the natural supplements. These were initially used for cultivated fish, grown and farmed for food, but could also be used to feed pet fish. The food consisted of dried insects such as houseflies and soldier fly larvae. It was shown to help improve their growth and coloration…even if it maybe sounds a little gross by human standards.

Topical Medicants For Aquatic Animals

When mammals like livestock, cats, or dogs are hurt, there are a vast array of veterinary treatments and medicines that can help. Typically, treatments for fish-specific ailments such as fin and tail rot, as well as topical wounds for fish, would be treated with water treatments. Inventor John FarrellKuhns wanted to find a way to apply topical medicants to aquatic animals. He created a solution that came in gel and powder forms made with a hydrophilic carrier and an antimicrobial therapeutant. Whether gel or powder, this solution adheres to the viscous skin of fish, allowing for a topical solution to topical issues.

Fish Tank or Aquarium

While a pet fish can be a delightful addition to your home, the question becomes where to keep them. Fish must be submerged in water at all times, and for an indoor pet, that means bringing in a fish tank or aquarium. In 1985, George P. A. Gunther invented a fish tank or aquarium that would essentially mimic the natural environment of a stream or brook for household fish such as trout or bass. It utilized a combined filter and sediment collector in order to keep the water fresh without a “permanent waste connection.” As long as the filger was occasionally cleared out, the fish tank could continue to supply pure water for the fish.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even your pet fish. Do you have an invention to change the way we care for household fish? Garcia-Zamor can help you patent that invention and protect your IP. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.