Don’t Go Off-Leash! Protect the Brand Of Your Dog Walking Business

Dec 2, 2022

For some, dog walking is a side gig to supplement their income. It takes relatively little out of their day and they can be paid directly. For you, a dog walking business might be a dream job. You get to spend the day hanging out with adorable puppies and getting paid for it!

But moving from walking dogs as a gig to starting a dog walking business takes work that you might not have considered before. You will need to register a business name and develop a brand that sets your dog walking business apart from other local dog walking businesses. And, importantly, you need to protect that brand so that your competition can’t encroach on it. Here’s how we can help you do that.

Curate Your Brand

When you imagine opening your own dog walking business, what kind of vibe do you want that business to present to the world? Do you want your business to appear light and fun, or do you want to push the angle of improving health for your clients’ beloved furry friends? Maybe you want to open a dog walking business for busy professionals who simply don’t have the time to walk their dogs. What colors do you think of when it comes to your business, what images?

These will all play a role in the brand you create for your dog walking business. You want a brand that stands out while also clearly representing the service your business offers. Take time to get a sense of your brand before you start putting names and logos to your business, so that everything is cohesive.

Register a Unique Business Name

Next, you need to register a unique trademarked business name. Your attorney can help with this process by doing the actual registration, as well as performing trademark research to make sure the name truly is unique. Take, for example, the dog walking business of one of our clients: Millie and Monster, LLC. The name stands out and paints a picture. Maybe Monster is Millie’s dog. It fits with their brand imagery, classic and elegant, with a logo silhouette of a woman walking two dogs.

Protect the Other Elements of Your Brand

If you have a unique logo, you should also trademark the logo, as well as any unique names for goods and services. Anything that helps your customers to recognize your dog walking business, separate from your competition, is something you should protect. That may even copyrighting your promotional content — both words and images. Speak with your attorney about what you can protect in your brand for your dog walking business.

Need help protecting your brand so your dog walking business can truly thrive? Garcia-Zamor has over two decades of combined experience helping clients like you protect their brand and intellectual property. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your intellectual property.