Finding Inspiration From Your Best Friend! Patented Inventions For Pet Dogs

Mar 2, 2023

Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason. As much joy as they bring into the lives of their humans, it’s understandable that some dog-loving inventors have wanted to make inventions that better the lives of their pets. Many of those inventions have gone on to become patented. Some you may use with your dogs today. Others you may never have heard of.

Let’s dive into a few of the most famous or interesting patented inventions for pet dogs.

Scratching and Petting Device For Household Pets

Giving your best boy or best girl pets and scratches can be comforting for both the human and the dog. But have you ever wanted to give your dog scratches even when you aren’t in the house? Rita A. Della Vecchia seemed to think so, so she created a scratching and petting device that could be electronically activated to pet the dog when they came close. It could also be fastened to a base and mounted against a wall or corner.

Leading Device (Adjustable Leash)

In 1908, when Mary A. Delaney patented her “leading device,” leashes existed but were rather limited in their control of where the dog went. Delaney cites problems such as the dogs running “on the wrong side of lamp posts of pedestrians” and mentions that all too often, owners dropped the leash, allowing dogs to run away. Her leading device included an adjustable lead that could more easily restrict the dog’s movements. It is this patent that led to further leash patents and our modern adjustable leash.

Adjustable Harness and Animal Birth Control Device

This 2003 patent from Karmichael Spiller is interesting, to say the least. It is designed to be an adjustable harness that wraps around the waist of dogs whenever they need to go outside. The goal is to keep dogs from getting impregnated.

Although these “chastity belts for dogs” may have some dog owners asking why, they can actually be handy for responsible dog breeders. This birth control device can help make sure one of their dogs doesn’t have a litter too young or with the wrong sire.

Dog Muzzle

As much as we love our dogs, it doesn’t always guarantee their behavior. Dog bites have been issues for as long as dogs have existed. In 1919, Henry Lespinasse Stoker invented a dog muzzle that was designed to tighten just before the dog went in for a fight. This helped to train dogs not to bite and kept their owners out of conflict that could arise from their dog biting someone else. Dog muzzles have become finessed over the years, keeping dogs from biting without pinching.

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