trademark portfolio on display

Using Trademark Portfolios instead of One Trademark Registration

Nov 14, 2023

You have big dreams for your business — and those dreams need protection in order to be made reality. You’re already on the right track by working with Garcia-Zamor to register trademarks for all of your branding elements!

Many of our clients have several registered trademarks. One great way to display your portfolio is with an organized presentation binder. You can display this binder in your place of business as a point of pride and use the display as a convenient  way to go through your portfolio with investors and business partners.

The Advantage of Trademark Portfolios vs. One Trademark Registration

Creating a portfolio of registered trademarks for your business brands is complex and rewarding endeavor. These protected brands can include your company’s name for a start, as well as any slogans or distinct product names that you might need to trademark. Additionally, you should consider obtaining registered trademark protections for your product lines, product names, and slogans used often in advertising. You might have services specific to your company that have trademarked names. In addition, you may also wish to file trademark applications which include visual elements of your brand: your logo and unique packaging design. Then you might also need to register federal copyrights for the original art or writing on your website or in brochures. 

As you can see, it’s easy to develop quite a list of the brand elements you need to protect. That’s why it’s smarter in the end to create a trademark portfolio rather than stopping at one single registered trademark. With a trademark portfolio, you can protect every aspect of your branding, keeping it unique and recognizable. You’ll be well armed against any attempts from your competition to try to use or mimic any part of your business identity without your consent.

The goal of developing a trademark portfolio is the create a number of mutually supporting different brands so that you can create a larger unique space within your industry in which only you can use certain branding. The goal is to have a large package of registered trademarks that collectively create and protect your unique business identity and, more importantly, increase the value of your business significantly over time. 

When selling a business, creating a franchise, or opening another branch, having a good portfolio of multiple registered trademarks can significantly increase your business’s valuation.

Curating a Trademark Portfolio — With Help From Garcia-Zamor

A registered trademark portfolio may include a whole collection of your branding and creative marketing and advertising materials. With Garcia-Zamor, you gain a team of experienced intellectual property attorneys, dedicated to assisting you to develop a trademark portfolio to maximize your company’s valuation and increase your return on investment. We will handle all the legal matters to register your branding. Then you can organize your trademark portfolio in whatever way best suits you. 

Growing Your Trademark Portfolio

Over time, your business should grow, and you’ll need to expand or add to your brands to keep up with innovations in your products, services, marketing, and sales. Fortunately, as your company grows, so can your trademark portfolio. You might go through a logo change or a rebranding, and Garcia-Zamor will be right there with you, tackling all of your new trademark registration needs. Once your new trademarks are registered, you can add them to your portfolio. In a way, your trademark portfolio allows you to look at just how far your business has come — and where it’s going next.