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Control Patent and Trademark Litigation Costs with a Garcia-Zamor Flat Fee Litigation Program

Predictable monthly flat fee litigation budgets can protect your IP assets and give you peace of mind

Whether your company is enforcing its intellectual property rights or defending against accusations of patent and/or trademark infringement, flat legal fee litigation plans from Garcia-Zamor can provide you a key advantage over your competition. Typical litigations have varying periods of low and high legal activity with the associated varying legal fees.

Our flat monthly legal fee litigation plans will allow your company to set a predictable budget and eliminate most, if not all, of the financial uncertainty from the litigation process.

By setting a reasonable monthly flat fee litigation budget, your company can focus on protecting itself and continuing commercialization while working with us to assure its legal rights.

flat fee litigation

Advantages of a Garcia-Zamor Monthly Flat Fee Litigation Program

  1. Establish a reliable litigation budget so that operations are not interrupted by unexpected legal fees. This predictability provides a key competitive advantage over your competitor who is likely absorbing much higher legal fees during the litigation.
  2. Pass the risk of exceedingly high legal fee activity months to our firm. While we try to select a fair monthly flat fee litigation budget so that months of low legal fee activity offset months of high legal fee activity, it is not uncommon to have some months that incur legal fees above those included in the monthly plan. When this happens, Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC bears the expense, and your company does not. We keep working for you until the best outcome is achieved.
  3. Make it more affordable to enforce your patent and/or trademark rights against a competitor.
  4. Make it more affordable to defend yourself against claims of patent infringement and/or trademark infringement.
  5. The Garcia-Zamor attorneys are solely focused on providing you the highest quality legal product and working toward your best case outcome. All issues of billing have been resolved and all that matters is getting your company to its goal.
  6. Your company will avoid being nickeled and dimed. The Garcia-Zamor attorneys will aggressively pursue your company’s rights in a diligent and prompt manner. This almost assuredly leads to unexpected legal activity. Whether it is us repeatedly contacting the court on your behalf, replying to excessive motions from your competition, or the like, the cost of your company’s litigation will remain flat.

The attorneys at Garcia-Zamor have decades of experience enforcing patents and trademarks against infringers and defending clients from accusations of infringement. This experience gives our clients the legal edge in complex intellectual property litigations.

We are aggressive and approachable. We relentlessly pursue the best outcomes for our clients while keeping you educated and informed as your case progresses.

Garcia-Zamor focuses on getting its clients the best outcome at the most affordable price. Contact Garcia-Zamor to get the litigation advantage so that your company can reach its best case outcome.

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