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An Experienced Patent Attorney Preventing Invention Theft for Over Ten Years, Making Sure Your Ideas Stay Yours

Hiring the right patent attorney can ensure that you are the first to file a patent application for your invention to prevent theft. Many inventors find out too late that they have lost control of their invention. Protecting your invention so that it is not stolen, copied, or imitated allows you to profit from your creativity and control your invention in the marketplace.

Garcia Zamor is an experienced patent attorney representing clients in obtaining patents and acting in all matters and procedures relating to patent law and practice, such as filing an opposition. Serving clients in Maryland and worldwide in a wide range of industries.

Patent Attorney specializing in protecting your invention and intellectual property
Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law, LLC provides high quality, cost effective intellectual property legal services that give our clients significant advantages in the marketplace. Obtain an edge with an expert intellectual property attorney. Contact the Garcia-Zamor team today. We are intellectual property attorneys with over two decades of experience in patent and trademark protection in a wide range of industries.

As a full service IP Law firm, the Garcia-Zamor legal team provides copyright, patent and trademark registration and protection, along with search and litigation services. If you’re ready to protect your brand and intellectual property, Garcia-Zamor stands ready to offer you the maximum protection under the law. Garcia-Zamor’s offices are located in the Baltimore-Washington corridor in Howard County near Columbia, Maryland.

Experts in Intellectual Property (IP), Patent and Trademark Law
Garcia-Zamor offers a full suite of intellectual property (IP) legal services including complete litigation services together with contingent free Patent, trademark, and patent design legal services. We also serve the beverage industry, providing counsel and legal assistance to importers, breweries, tequila manufacturers, wineries, distilleries, wholesalers, retailers.

Patent Attorney

We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive patent strategies. The best patent protection may not come from a single patent, but from a portfolio of multiple related patents, international patents, and the proactive enforcement of patent rights. We offer a wide range of patent services to help clients of all sizes as they develop products and build their businesses. These services include:

Patent Searches & Patentability Opinions

This service is the best way to determine the likelihood of whether patent protection is available for your invention.

Patent Searches & Clearance Opinions

This service is the best way to study a broad number of patents and determine whether it is likely that manufacturing or selling your product may infringe someone else’s patent.

Patent Audits & Patent Mapping

Patent audits are valuable for those with large patent portfolios to ensure that proper maintenance fees are paid and that title is properly recorded. Patent mapping is the best way to determine what the competition is doing and to find areas in which research should be directed to maximize the return on research expenditures.

Patent Studies & Infringement Opinions

This involves a comprehensive analysis of a single patent, including all correspondence to and from the USPTO, to determine whether your product is likely to infringe that patent.

Provisional Patent Applications

Provisional patents are an important tool in establishing the earliest date of invention when development, time, or financial constraints make deferring the preparation of a non-provisional utility application advisable.

Design Patent Applications

Design patents are a critical tool for protecting the look of your invention which can be used in a complementary fashion with utility applications.

Utility Patent Applications

To protect the core of your idea, how your invention is made, or the structure of your invention, non-provisional utility applications are used as the intellectual property mechanism.

Licensing, NDAs, Negotiations & Other Documents

Properly crafted documents and agreements can minimize disputes, avoid the loss of intellectual property rights, and minimize the cost of any future litigation.

Enforcement & Defense Actions

If everything starts to go wrong, we are there to guide and represent you at every step of the process, from cease-and-desist letters to litigation.

The Benefits Of Working With Us!

Affordable Patent Services

Our competitive pricing allows you to maximize your budget for patent protection. This provides our clients with a valuable advantage in the marketplace.

Expert Attorneys

Our experienced attorneys and support staff put our client’s success first. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

Quality Services

Our adherence to a collaborative approach in completing every matter undertaken by our firm ensures maximum quality of all work product. Our focus is on maximizing quality over profit.

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