Consistency Is Key! Enjoy Litigation Certainty with our Flat Fee Litigation Program

Jan 4, 2021

As your business grows, you might struggle to figure out what expenses are great investments in your business. You might wonder the best way to balance costs and security. Garcia-Zamor’s Flat Fee Litigation Program is a great way to budget for potential legal fees. This certainty of your monthly payment is a great way to build a consistent budget that grants you a lot of certainty and will likely save you money in the long run.

How the Flat Fee Litigation Program Works

One way to think about our flat rate monthly fee is as your litigation insurance policy. You would never want to risk not having insurance in other parts of your life due to the unexpected costs associated with emergencies. If your business has a legal emergency, such as a need to protect your intellectual property, or a need to defend yourself against wrongful claims of copyright infringement, this service ensures protection.

If you are finding yourself weighing the pros and cons, you may want to consider other elements of your life where you pay a regular flat fee to avoid unpredictable expenses. One example familiar to anyone who owns their own home is homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance exists as a security net if something unexpected happens on your property, such as a fire or flooding. You may go years or even decades without every filing a homeowners insurance claim — but anyone who has lost their home to a fire will tell you how grateful they were to have insurance to help them get back on their feet. Our flat rate monthly fee is a great way to make sure that you never get knocked off your feet, even when the unexpected happens!

Benefit of The Flat Rate Litigation Program

Utilizing this service means that you will have already budgeted for legal fees; the flat rate will not change and you can trust that it will get you great service from your legal team. Just like homeowners never expect a house fire, no one can ever anticipate your intellectual property being abused or stolen. Garcia-Zamor is here to protect your fights and ensure your peace of mind.

While you may not always immediately utilize the services that you have paid for, you will be able to rest easily knowing that they’ll be there the moment you need them. Even better, even if your legal fees are more than anticipated, Garcia-Zamor will cover any difference to ensure that your case reaches the best possible conclusion. This is a fantastic investment for your piece of mind.

If this sounds like it may be the program for you, contact our team today to get more information about the program and see how it can work for you and your business. Our attorneys have over two decades of experience, meaning that you can trust our team with confidence.