Get the Best Local Representation!! What to Look For In Local Litigation Counsel

Dec 2, 2021

In a previous blog, we discussed why you should look for local litigation counsel. Ultimately, there’s no real replacement for the local expertise and knowledge of the courts that local litigation attorneys can offer. But that doesn’t mean that every local litigation attorney available to you is the right one for the job. It’s important to do your homework on any attorney you consider working with in order to determine the best fit for you and for your client. But first, you need to know what to look for.

The litigation attorneys of Garcia-Zamor strive to help you maximize efficiency and deliver the best results to your litigation client. We believe in teamwork and strive to not only meet your local counsel expectations and needs but exceed them.

Years of Local Experience

One of the main benefits of hiring local counsel is their experience with the local courts — including judges and even opposing counsel. But if the local counsel you choose is new on the scene, you won’t be able to enjoy this benefit, at least not to the same degree. This does not mean that the firm itself must be decades old. An attorney could have gone from working for years as an associate or junior partner at one firm before striking out and opening their own law firm. It’s a good idea to ask local counsel about their experience in the area before you choose to work with them.

Plenty of Local Reviews

It’s one thing to know that your local litigation counsel has years of local experience. It’s another to know that their local experience has been largely positive. Although much of the world of IP law is confidential, clients will still have left reviews, and so might other attorneys who have used the firm as local counsel. Make sure to take a look at their reviews on Google, Yelp, or other services. Take a moment to search reviews for a local litigation firm that you’re considering, so you can see what has been said about them in the past.

On the Same Page

As an attorney, you obviously want the best outcome for your client. It can be difficult to entrust part of that outcome to another law firm some distance from you. That’s why it’s so important to meet with potential local litigation counsel and make sure that you’re on the same page. Local counsel should have a clear understanding of the case and a conversation with them should leave you confident that they can be trusted with your client’s needs in that location.

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